Skylo has announced the introduction of its “Fish Catch Report,” the  world-first mobile communications solution that allows fishermen and boat owners to sell their catch immediately after bringing the fish onto the boat, before they reach shore.

The Skylo Fish Catch Report will be offered in partnership with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and will allow fishermen to easily update and send details of their catch while they are still hundreds of nautical miles out to sea. The Skylo Fish Catch Report leverages the Skylo Network, offered in partnership with BSNL and Inmarsat, to provide fishermen and boat owners with real time data, two way messaging, and the ability to send SOS messages in times of trouble.

“For the first time, fishermen can actively sell their catch based on demand while still out at deep sea, giving them the ability to increase their profits by selling at higher price and reducing waste, enabling them to  make the most out of their hard work,” said Skylo COO Angira Agrawal. “The Skylo end-to-end solution provides reliable uptime and gives everyone the ability to improve their business and make more money while providing the most fresh fish to consumers – something that the Indian people have been asking for, for years.”

Ganesh Nakhawa, Skylo’s Fisheries Program Director commented, “As seafood exports continue to see significant growth, it is critical to deploy technology solutions like Skylo’s that will improve the ecosystem for a sustainable future by giving everyone visibility into the entire supply chain.”