Shalin Sheth, Founder and Managing Director, Advait Infratech Limited

Shalin Sheth founded Advait Infratech in 2009 with the aim of meeting India’s infratech needs by providing robust products and solutions for telecom infrastructure, power transmission and substations. As founder and managing director, he is responsible for co-creating the right vision and mission for the company besides taking corporate decisions and managing the operations and resources of the company. “Since the inception of Advait, I have focused on building a core team of capable professionals who can help us realise the company’s vision and deliver the best in the industry,” he notes.

Prior to setting up Advait Infratech, Sheth worked with several leading companies in the power sector including Kalpataru Power, the KHS Group and Adani Power.

Commenting on recent challenges in the sector, Sheth notes that the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine geopolitical crisis have impacted operations to a large extent, in terms of unavailability of transportation and materials and increased prices of raw materials and freight. “However, Advait has delivered a strong performance and reinforced its leadership in the industry. We are determined to positively impact the lives of all stakeholders while empowering a million lives through our innovative, competitive, and sustainable products and solutions,” he asserts.

Sheth has a hands-on approach to work and believes in the importance of teamwork and collaboration. He strongly emphasises the value of continuous learning and development, both for himself and his team, as this, he believes, is the only way to stay ahead of the curve in a dynamic business landscape. “The challenge is to keep evolving, learning and trying to walk side by side with the new generation,” he says.

Sheth graduated as a mechanical engineer from Birla Vishva­kar­ma Mahavidyalaya and then obtained a diploma in manageme­nt studies in international business and sales from the Ahmedabad Management Association. Post this, he pursued an executive de­ve­lopment programme, an executive management programme and a PGDMA in business administration and management.

Sheth counts optimism and self-motivation as his key stren­g­ths. When not working, he likes to spend quality time with his fa­mi­­ly and engage in recreational activities such as reading, travelling, listening to classical music, playing the harmonium, and do­ing yoga. He is also interested in theatre and public speaking. “I strongly believe in giving ba­ck to society and, therefore, wo­rk for social causes,” he ad­­ds. His family comprises his pa­­rents, his wife and their two daughters.