The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has come out with the policy for granting license to service providers for setting up mobile towers on wheels. The objective behind this move is to boost revenue and ensure better mobile connectivity.

As per the terms of the new policy, any new or existing telecom company or service provider possessing a valid license issued by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) can apply for a license for setting up of cell on wheels (COW) within the jurisdiction of SDMC on the basis of monthly rental charges.

The monthly rental charges will be Rs 339 per sq ft per month. In addition, there will be one-time non-refundable administrative charges of Rs 10,000 per COW.

Moreover, the maximum duration for setting up of a COW has been fixed at three years and minimum duration is three months.

The SDMC has also said that the existing COWs have 30 days time to get it regularised under this policy. For this they have to pay the arrears from the date of their existence, with penalty as 25 per cent over and above monthly rental charges.

If any COW is found installed without permission post this 30 days period, then it will be regularised only after the payment of a penalty at 50 per cent over and above the monthly rental charges.

The rental charges as well as the penalty will be charged on monthly basis. The telecom companies have to submit an affidavit along with other requisite documents to prove the existence of the COW.

Further, the SDMC has said that a maximum area of 50 sqm and a maximum width of 8 metre (including space required for anchor wires etc.) will be allotted per COW. The maximum height of any structural element installed with a COW can be up to 30 metre above the ground level at any location.