Sateliot has become an operator member of GSMA to offer seamless global 5G internet of things (IoT) connectivity. This means Sateliot gets to sign standard roaming agreements with any mobile network operators (MNO) and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which is also a member of GSMA. 

Sateliot’s first 5G standard low-earth orbit satellite named Sateliot_0 The GroundBreaker was launched in April. This also allows MNOs and MVNOs to extend their Internet of Things (IoT) cellular coverage to anywhere on the planet by signing a standard roaming agreement, allowing end-users to maintain their current SIM card and switch seamlessly between terrestrial and satellite networks, in order to gain connectivity regardless of where they are. 

The company stated that the same unmodified narrowband (NB)-IoT cellular devices being used right now can be deployed in remote areas as well where there is a lack of terrestrial cellular infrastructure. These remote areas with lack of terrestrial cellular infrastructure include fields of crops, mountains, oceans or remote locations. There will be no inflated price due to the application of standard protocols for massive deployment of 5G IoT solutions. Sateliot has become the first low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite operator to receive standard roaming agreements with global MNOs and MVNOs.