Rohde & Schwarz has launched the new R&S RTC1000 oscilloscope series, which features the highest instrument integration in its compact form factor. The instrument’s comprehensive features are tailored to meet the needs of users in the field of education as well as engineers with low budgets and hobbyists.

The compact oscilloscope can double as an eight-channel logic analyser, a four-channel pattern generator and a protocol analyser for I2C, serial peripheral interface, Univeral Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART/RS-232), campus area network and local interconnect network and as a digital voltmeter, component tester, spectrum analyser and counter. With this eight-in-one instrument integration, users get more value with a minimal footprint on bench space.

According to the company, the R&S RTC1000 series is a ­­cost-sensitive oscilloscope that retains high quality and high ­instrument integration. The combination of eight other products, all in a ­single compact instrument, especially the unique component tester, has been very well received by early test customers.

The R&S RTC1000 oscilloscopes are available in 50 MHz to 300 MHz models . They are the first in the 1000 class to offer bandwidth upgrades via software licence all the way to 300 MHz bandwidth. These upgrades can be purchased as test needs increa­se over time. The two-channel oscilloscopes have maximum sample rates of 2 G sample per second and a memory depth of 2 M sample. All R&S RTC1000 models come as standard with local area network and universal serial bus interfaces.