Rohde & Schwarz has introduced the R&S Cable Rider ZPH cable and antenna analyser. The Cable Rider ZPH is a one-port analyser that has all the essential measurement capabilities required for installing and maintaining antenna systems in the field. Its unique features ensure fast and efficient cable and antenna measurements. The analyser is easy to use and has a touch-screen and a large keypad.

The key features of the analyser are:

  • Its frequency ranges from 2 MHz to 3-4 GHz, which can be upgraded using a key code.
  • It helps in identifying the distance to fault, return loss and voltage standing wave ratio, and in making one-port cable loss measurements.
  • It is ideal for field use owing to its nine-hour battery life, backlit keypad, fast boot time, non-reflective display, small form factor and ruggedised housing (IP51).
  • It features a large colour touchscreen.
  • The device has a measurement wizard to speed up measurements and eliminate human errors.
  • It enables easy and cost-efficient upgrades of all options via a software key code.