Rohde & Schwartz has expanded its oscilloscope portfolio by introducing the new high performance R&S RTP family. When the development of the new oscilloscope family was going on, the company focused in particular on measurement accuracy, speed, a wide range of functions and future-proof technology.

The R&S RTP family combines signal integrity with a high acquisition rate. In the standard acquisition mode, it can measure a million waveforms per second, which makes it a lot faster than other oscilloscopes in its class. This helps users in finding sporadic errors quickly. It is the only instrument in the market that compensates transmission losses from the signal source to the oscilloscope (de-embedding) in real time. The advantage is that the oscilloscope is fast even with signal correction activated. And due to its unique digital trigger architecture, it can precisely trigger on compensated signals. Finally, the R&S RTP oscilloscope’s hardware acceleration saves developers a lot of time for a range of analysis functions.

The family also combines multiple instruments better than any other oscilloscope. It has 16 logic channels, four voltage channels and four current measurement channels, in addition to the analog oscilloscope channels. It supports the protocol analysis of serial bus in­ter­faces, and offers powerful spectrum and signal analysis functions.

It addresses electronics developers in the wide-base market, particularly in the fields of aerospace and defence, automotives, industry and telecom. It is ideal for debugging electronic circuitries with different signals during development, including high speed buses, multichannel radio frequency interfaces (radio or radar), double date rate memory interfaces, complex power management units, and even simple control and programming buses. The R&S RTP can test all applications where high resolution signals need to be measured with a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity in the time and frequency domains.