R&M is introducing its very first power distribution unit (PDU). The intelligent PDU for data centres and server rooms is called ActiPower 4.0. It is intended to bring about cost- and energy-saving data centre operation.

The switching relays of the ActiPower 4.0 consume 70 per cent less energy than comparable products. The components of the PDU from R&M can withstand high environmental temperatures of up to 60° Celsius. This is how the PDU can support the latest air conditioning concepts for computer halls. Data centee providers need to cool less and can thus reduce their power consumption. Up to 16 connection modules of the ActiPower 4.0 can be linked and administered under a single IP address. Users therefore need fewer ports for infrastructure management.

R&M combines C13 and C19 sockets in a new, patented and standard-compliant IEX socket. This means that the ActiPower 4.0. supports all common types of connection cable connectors. Data centres no longer need to stock different PDUs. Depending on the type of connector, they only need to use one sleeve. In this way, they can simplify PDU storage and are ready for future connector standards. 

R&M integrates ActiPower 4.0 into its in-house DCIM program inteliPhy net. The PDU can be managed remotely via two Gigabit Ethernet network connections. The individual PDU can communicate with up to 16 different cascaded sensors. These are sensors for temperature, humidity, water, smoke, vibration and door contacts. Technicians can replace the communication card during operation. This prevents business interruptions.

R&M offers the ActiPower 4.0 in three variants, as a basic, monitored and managed model. The power distribution units can be installed in R&M BladeShelter racks without tools.