Dear Ma’am/Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in this month. To mark the occasion, we are bringing out a Special Commemorative Issue, which will be released at a special function in New Delhi in the first week of February.

This special edition will be our biggest issue so far. It will contain a Special Section that will capture 20 years of telecom in India, highlighting 20 Events that Shaped the Sector, 20 Landmark Deals, 20 People Who Made a Difference, and 20 Ideas for the Future. It will feature interviews with top industry leaders, review key policies and regulations that changed the course of the sector, and present expert opinion and perspectives. It will track technology trends over the past two decades, and put the spotlight on key controversies that shook the industry. Finally, it will offer our take on the state of the sector and where it is headed.

The issue is likely to receive much greater attention, because of special promotional events. It will also have a much longer shelf life, because of its reference value. The net result for advertisers will be greater visibility and more value for money.

This edition will be a great platform to promote your products and services, or to highlight your contribution to the sector and nation, or to simply endorse and support our mission. We do hope that you will strongly consider advertising in this commemorative issue.

The cost of advertising is only Rs 99,000 for a full-page colour ad, Rs 118,800 for special positions (first 30 pages), Rs 148,500 for inside front/back covers and Rs 198,000 for back cover (plus 5% GST). If your organisation does not have a ready ad, we can help develop one, at no extra cost.

On our part, we assure you that we will continue to strive to fulfil the mission of the magazine, which is to serve as an objective and independent forum for discussion and debate, an accurate source of news and data, and the most trustworthy source of information and analysis for the telecom sector in India.

The last date for receiving advertising material is January 24, 2020.

To advertise, please contact: Tegjit Singh at +91 99530 79535 or email at

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