A cybersecurity veteran, Rakesh Viswanathan has 15 years of experience in helping service providers and managed security service providers (MSSPs) improve their cybersecurity position and address challenges in securing their infrastructure across multiple layers. He has led high-growth security businesses, focusing on advanced and niche technology solutions. In the past, Viswanathan has been associated with companies such as Symantec, Fortinet, Trend Micro, BMC Software and Dell.

Cyberbit India focuses strongly on channel partners, particularly MSSPs, to help them standardise company technology for internal as well as sell-through purposes. As Cyberbit India’s regional director, Viswanathan’s responsibility is to work closely with these MSSPs to acquire new customers worldwide. According to him, “Skill gap is a key industry challenge today. We are helping organisations that are struggling to maintain cyber resilience with hands-on cyber range training. Our cyber range platform, an advanced training and simulation product, is set to disrupt the way cybersecurity professionals are trained and certified in India. In just one and a half years in India, we have substantial reference customers, including reputed organisations in the BFSI, MSSP and large enterprise segments. We are now trying to grow our markets globally across Asia, Europe and North America.”

The telecom space is a strategic market for Cyberbit and the company aims to bring some of the leading industry players on its training platform. “Critical infrastructure like telecom is a prized target for malicious nation-state actors aiming to cause disruption and damage. Going forward, the security focus will shift from prevention to detection and response as the illusion of an impenetrable perimeter collapses completely. Service providers will seek better detection and faster response capabilities for their security architecture. They will use advanced tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to help stay ahead of attackers,” he says.

In terms of his management style, Viswanathan believes in maintaining a highly motivated team by unlocking the potential of each individual, setting short-term goals and helping them achieve those goals. Viswanathan has a diploma and a B.E. in mechanical engineering from the University of Madras. He enjoys playing snooker, travelling and spending quality time with friends and family. His family comprises his mother and an older sibling.