Rajesh Kumar Srivastava likes to describe himself as a passionate technology-driven leader, who has over time added marketing and business development skills to his profile. In his current capacity as director of energy storage solutions provider Coslight India, he is responsible for forming collaborations with partners, customers and suppliers. “I believe one plus one is always eleven. Discussions with stakeholders help us to analyse trends and apply the same in our strategic plans. Our R&D team has incorporated valuable suggestions from our customers into our new product offerings,” says Srivastava. “Twelve years back when Coslight entered the Indian market, the lack of high quality energy storage solutions was a key challenge for the telecom industry.”

This scenario is now changing. Coslight’s VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid) and lithium-ion battery business has grown overtime. The company has also diversified into segments such as electrical vehicle, solar and UPS. “We are amongst the leading manufacturers in India with capabilities to support smart city initiatives as well as 5G. India is set to witness a significant growth in lithium demand as industry focuses on cutting down on diesel usage as well as reducing energy opex. Coslight is ready to cater to this demand,” he adds.

The company has seen high demand for its integrated energy storage solutions from telcos and towercos at sites which require high load but face frequent power cuts. The data revolution in India, which was ushered in with the introduction of 4G, has also helped the company add pole/mast lithium-based solutions. “We are now ready to support the 5G revolution with more innovative solutions that are compact in size, light in weight and high in energy density.”

Srivastava believes that being logical and futuristic are the most important attributes of a leader. He also feels that constant communication with one’s team and customers is important to understand the business perspective.

When not at work, Srivastava likes to read, watch TED Talks and technology videos, and play chess. “I do yoga and meditation, and go for a walk daily,” he adds. Srivastava is an electrical engineer with a specialisation in power electronics. The eldest of the three siblings, he owes his passion for science to his father and his sense of compassion to his mother. He describes his wife, Rashmi, as his best friend and a pillar of support. They have two children – a daughter who works in the UK, and a son who is studying in the US.