Polycab India Limited has set up its Polycab experience centre & branch office at Trivandrum, Kerala.

Polycab experience centre showcases entire range of high quality, premium as well as value for money offerings. In wires & cables, Polycab has the widest range of power cables, control cables, instrumentation, building wires and industrial cables. The experience centre also showcases the company’s wide array of FMEG product portfolio consisting of fan, lighting, switches, switchgears, conduit pipes, pumps, geysers, solar etc.. Polycab’s FMEG R&D activities will be focused on developing new products to capitalise on industry trends, including the move towards home automation and green or environmentally friendly products that consume less power. Polycab also intends to focus on street lighting with automated IoT based smart systems and other specialised products such as domestic and agriculture pumps amongst others.

The location of the showroom is in the heart of Trivandrum city. Retailers from upcountry markets can also visit and experience Polycab products & choose them.  Trivandrum branch office will service the local business and the surrounding areas & will help in deeper penetration. Till date, Polycab India Ltd has launched two experience centres at Mumbai and Pune, respectively.

Commenting on the development, Manoj Verma, executive president and chief operating officer (FMEG), Polycab India Limited, said, “Polycab India has always been on the forefront to offer best in class products and unique experience to the customers. It is our endeavour to add value to the customer experience through our products and offerings. Polycab Experience Centres is an attempt from our end to offer an exquisite experience to the customers who are planning to buy electrical equipment’s for their household needs. Our New Branch Office will enhance the market coverage and the speed of servicing to our trade partners.”

Meanwhile, Kunal. Jaisinghani, head agri products, Polycab India Limited, said, “This will be the third Polycab Experience centre that has been launched this year and we have received great feedback from the customers and our retail partners about their experiences at the store. Polycab Experience Centre showcases the entire premium range of high-quality offerings, which are value for money in various categories such as Wires, Cables, innovative frame retardant products etc. Customers will be given a walk-through experience at the store and proper guidance will be given on the best practises for a good wiring & selection of Electrical products for a new or existing house.”