Anritsu Corporation has introduced the measurement function (MS9740B-020) for optical spectrum analyser MS9740B that evaluates a pulsed laser diode (LD) chip. Theew solution reduces the test time for pulsed LD chip, contributing to improved production efficiency of high-power LD chip.

Development background:

LD chip manufacturers and optical equipment vendors evaluate the optical spectrum of LD chips during manufacturing.

Market demand for high-power LD chips is driven by higher communication bit rates and longer LiDAR detection ranges. In addition, new use cases, such as external laser small pluggable (ELSFP) modules for co-packaged optics applications, are expected to accelerate demand. The continuous wave (CW) output from a high-power LD chip suffers power drift and wavelength shift as the chip temperature rises. This is prevented by suppressing the temperature rise by using pulsed LD chips. However, current testing of pulsed LD chips during production takes longer because an external trigger signal is required to synchronize with the pulsed LD chip.

Product outline and features:

  • Reduced tact time for pulsed LD chips: The new MS97040B-020 solution accelerates optical spectrum evaluation by eliminating the need for a trigger signal.
  • Assured measurement reproducibility for even high-power LD chips: This solution assures measurement reproducibility of ±1.4 dB for side mode suppression ratio (SMSR). Low SMSR variation improves the LD chip yield and helps production efficiency.