The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is spreading awareness about personalised domains being offered to netizens. The purpose of this mission is to educate the masses about the availability and benefits of personalised domains. The campaign is called ‘Yeh Nahi Liya toh Kya Liya’ and will be available from September 20, 2022, to October 19, 2022.

NIXI is working to support the Digital India mission of the government of India by popularising the importance of having its own digital presence. During the campaign NIXI will be offering third level domains such as for chartered accountants, for doctors, for individuals, and many other options like etc. for just Rs 175 through participating registrars. These individual and personalised domains will help users to build their own websites which will open the world of opportunities and markets for them with unlimited access to different geographies, people, and prospective and potential customers.

Another significant value adds for the users along with these personalised domains is a free personalised email ID with 10GB of space. For example, a chartered accountant ABC booking a personalised domain – can create a personalised email giving a professional identity and credibility to his business. This proposition of one customised free email can be availed by a user even if they do not want to build a website.

Commenting on the initiative, Anil Kumar Jain, CEO, NIXI, said “Time has come when all Indians may embrace digital identity for effective utilisation of latest internet technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence etc. one can choose domain of his/her choice and prepare a secure and safe email.”