As founder and CEO of NeoSOFT Technologies, Nishant Ra­thi spearheads the company’s business development, finance and strategy functions. He has been instrumental in scaling up the company from a web design and development startup into a leading and CMMI L5 certified software development company with a family of over 3,000 experts and a gamut of innovative solutions to offer. His ability to identify opportunities, preparedness for unforeseen situations and foresight have helped the company expand over the years. Today, NeoSOFT specialises in a range of areas spanning digital transformation, product development and innovation solutions.

With technologies advancing at break-neck speed, traditional modes of business are becoming almost redundant, Rathi believes. “These rapid innovations have raised customer expectations from software solution providers like NeoSOFT, and keeping pace can be daunting at times. For a company to achieve sustainable growth, it must be value-driven, adaptive to change, and proactive in bridging gaps. At NeoSOFT, we have a dedicated L&D team that focuses on upskilling engineers and helping them stay abreast with the latest tools and platforms,” he adds.

Rathi recalls his most memorable assignment as the one where the company worked with a leading telecom player from the Middle East to scale up its customer interface and operations. “We introduced automation for streamlined activities and im­proved communication. Overall, we face-lifted their customer experience segment to drive customer engagement and retention,” he says.

Talking about trends in the telecom space, Rathi be­lieves that despite being a buzzword in the sector, 5G alone will not enable telecom companies to provide speed and reliable network connectivity. Emerging technologies like IoT and edge com­puting will take telco capabilities to the next level. Cloud and microservices are seeing a wide adoption of their security, sca­lability, high performance and enhanced operational capabilities. Further, AI and ML are helping in reducing various operational costs with predictive analysis and superior network maintenance.

Rathi studied economics at Mumbai University and obtain­ed a master’s in marketing and fin­­a­n­ce from Nichols College, USA. A fitness enthusiast, he lik­es to hit the gym or the sports club whenever he can. He takes out time to focus on his physical and mental health, and also en­sures he has bandwidth for his fa­mily and kids. “Each family member holds an important pla­ce in my life. They are the pillars that I rely on to drive me forward in all my endeavours,” he says. S