Netgear has launched a wire-free, battery-powered and open network video interface forum (ONVIF)-compliant security camera. The NETGEAR FlexPower wire-free internet protocol (IP) camera (VNC4030) and the FlexPower base station (VNB4000) can be easily installed and are compatible with existing video management systems and network video recorder security systems. This makes FlexPower an easy and cost-effective option for security installers wanting to  complement their existing systems.

FlexPower provides high definition video quality using a 130-degree wide-angle lens. It supports flexible power options (battery, alternating current or optional solar) and passive infrared sensor motion detection that enables trouble-free security enhancement.

FlexPower paired with a FlexPower base station and ONVIF-compliant software or storage solution, such as Netgear Business-Class ReadyNAS, can create a complete video security solution for homeowners who prefer local storage to the cloud but want the ease of outdoor installation. FlexPower also has an IP65 rating, which makes it suitable for all-weather conditions. In addition, the built-in infrared night vision helps one to see clearly in the dark up to 25 feet.

The FlexPower base station acts as a wireless access point for FlexPower cameras with a range of up to 300 feet. Designed for FlexPower camera connectivity only, it does not provide Wi-Fi to other devices but supports up to four FlexPower cameras at once.