Marthesh Nagendra, country manager, India, Middle East and SAARC, NETGEAR

Over the past few years, the information and communication technology (ICT) domain has witnessed the emergence of companies such as NETGEAR, which enable people to collaborate and connect with the world of information. Since its inception in 1996, NETGEAR has pioneered advanced networking technologies for homes, businesses and service providers globally. The company also plays a key role in the evolving digital space by delivering innovative and advanced connected solutions, ranging from mobile and cloud-based services for enhanced control and security to smart networking products, video over Ethernet, and performance gaming routers that enhance online gameplay. In an interview with, Marthesh Nagendra, country manager, India, Middle East and SAARC, NETGEAR, discusses the company’s key focus areas, the post-pandemic opportunities, and the company’s future plans and strategies. Excerpts…

What are the company’s key focus areas?

NETGEAR is a multinational computer networking company that has invested heavily in research and development. Headquartered in the US and continuously innovating to bring the latest Wi-Fi, the company strives to be the first in the market, be it for AC Mesh tech or the latest Wi-Fi 6 Mesh. Our key focus area is our product lines, which are far and wide. They can cater to all the segments of India, including supporting high speed Wi-Fi requirements.

As a company, we not only focus on providing what is expected from us – speed and range – but we also go beyond to address security needs and monitoring requirements, which are key elements of the present world.

What opportunities has the work-from-home scenario opened up for NETGEAR? How do you plan to leverage these?

Over the years, work culture around the globe has taken a 180-degree turn. People have been staying indoors and working remotely. All they require is a fast-connecting device in order to work for a longer run at a good speed. A good internet device has been in demand since 2020, and we are proud to state that we have done pretty well in capturing a good portion of the router segment in the past year.

Consumers are now smart and aware of the fact that they need a device that meets all their requirements. If you need a reliable Wi-Fi router, then there is no competition for NETGEAR in providing the best quality device. To address the same, we have been coming up with the latest Wi-Fi 6 routers to support faster internet connectivity and meet the market demand as well.

What will be the key business and growth drivers for NETGEAR in the coming year?

The recent pandemic has changed the working of every individual, and companies have come to realise that working from home is here to stay. How does a company ensure that its data is secure, and the employee has enough networking capacity to increase productivity and deliver value? The very backbone of a good home network is its Wi-Fi router, with so many devices connecting to the router and demanding high speeds. NETGEAR has been spearheading this race with its Wi-Fi 6 Mesh technology and the range of options that it has launched in India under this technology. We will continue to invest in research to ensure we are always spearheading the home networking technology segment across the world.

What are some of the key challenges faced by the company?

The main challenge that we are facing right now is meeting the current demand. There is a huge demand for high-end routers since most members of a family are working from home, and are in constant need of an internet connection with a good bandwidth for office calls, studies, etc.

Our high-end routers and the internet speed provided by ISPs are critical to meet this demand. However, while most homes have good internet speed, they continue to use the free routers provided by ISPs. Consumers are slowly realising that these routers will not do any good and they would need a good router/mesh router technology with enabled Wi-Fi system. This has led to increased demand, and we have been facing challenges in catering to the huge spike in demand.

What are the company’s future plans and strategies?

We will continue to invest in Wi-Fi 6 Mesh technology systems to bring about improvement and widen our product lines in the world. We will have basic systems as well as the most advanced Wi-Fi 6 Mesh technology systems across the globe and in India.