NEC Corporation of India has announced the launch of iPASOLINK EX Advanced dual, NEC’s outdoor, integrated, ultra-compact microwave radio system supporting 70-80 GHz band communications (E-band), in India.

The low latency, multi-functional, and compact iPASOLINK EX Advanced dual caters to mobile operators that provide LTE Advanced and 5G services, as well as other customers demanding reliable and high-capacity transmission for epoch-making services. iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual is highly adaptable to network loads, whether unexpected or scheduled, provides flexibility and agility at a lower cost (compared to optical fibres) with matching reliability that satisfies demanding customers and their end-users. Moreover, NEC’s radio equipment boasts the lowest failure rate in the industry, providing customers with long-lasting stable operations and high cost-efficiency.

NEC is at the forefront in developing and providing field-proven, reliable wireless backhaul solutions through NEC’s PASOLINK series of Microwave Radios for service providers all over the world. iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual is NEC’s first wireless equipment to offer 20 Gbps capacity. Compared to fibre transmission, the solution is the best realistic alternative in the market and is ideal for operators looking to expand with rapid and cost-effective deployments in the Indian market.

Some features of NEC’s iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual include maximum transmission capacity of the 80GHz spectrum with AMBR (Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio) that enables end-users to avail fast and stable network speed despite high traffic. Its built-in advanced L2 switch with ERPS and H-QoS support, among others, enables carrier-grade Ethernet services as well. Its compact and lightweight body also makes it easy for installations and can be mounted easily on rooftops or poles without reinforcements, thereby minimising installation costs.

Commenting on the development, Sandeep Sudeep, vice president, telecom, NEC India, said, “The launch of NEC’s iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual in India is a gigantic asset towards building NEC India’s Telecom stack prior to the much-awaited 5G rollout in the country. Through market attuned solutions and services, we are constantly striving to become the leading strategic partner of connectivity and communication service providers for India’s highly competitive telecom segment. iPASOLINK EX Advanced Dual is a highly reliable solution for Indian telcos to bank on for strengthening their current service while laying a strong foundation for state-of-the-art technologies like 5G and associated backhaul requirements.”

Meanwhile, Yukio Hioki, General Manager, wireless solutions division, NEC Corporation, said, “NEC has an impeccable record in providing innovative solutions to address global technology requirements. NEC’s PASOLINK series provides highly reliable wireless transmission radio systems that are designed for easy deployment among developing markets that are facing various challenges. The seamless deployments across a wide range of global markets is a testament to our capabilities and scalability.”