As per industry sources, Samsung has received ‘trusted sources’ approval from the National Cyber Security coordinator (NCSC).

NSCS is part of the National Security Council (NSC) that advises the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on matters related to national security and strategic interest. Under the initiative, telcos have to access the portal and specify the telecom products they wish to procure and from which vendors, following which the government would contact the concerned vendors to submit the details of the products on the portal. Once the vendor submits the required details, the telecom wing of the cybersecurity body would decide whether the products can be deemed as ‘trusted’ or not.

Meanwhile, Huawei and ZTE are yet to receive an approval by NCSC regarding the same. Of late, Ericsson and Nokia along Cisco and Mavenir, Tejas Networks and HFCL received trusted sources approval from the designated authority.