Prasad Tilve, Head, Strategy and Hyperscale Business, Data Centre, CapitaLand Investment, India

It is crucial to be sure that the data centre services you rely on are future-proo­fed to meet your changing needs as an enterprise customer. Your data needs to be processed and stored in data centres, and any downtime or security breach can cause serious business disruptions. From the vi­ew­point of a business customer, we des­cri­be methods for assuring future-proof data centre services in this article.


Data centre services must be scalable in order to be effective. Your requirement for data processing and storage will grow as your business expands. It is crucial to pick a data centre service provider that can me­et these expanding requirements. Com­pa­nies that offer modular data centres can give the scalability you need to meet your changing needs.

Energy efficiency

Another important factor for business clients to take into account when selecting a data centre service provider is energy ef­fi­ciency. You want to collaborate with operators that use energy efficient tactics to cut operating expenses as energy prices continue to climb. Companies that employ virtualisation technology or effective cooling methods, including liquid cooling and other customised cooling parameters, can aid in lowering the data centre’s overall energy consumption.


When it comes to data centre services, security is of utmost importance to business clients. You want to make sure that your data is shielded from security lapses and online dangers. When selecting a data centre service provider, seek companies th­at use cutting-edge security methods such as encryption and biometric access restrictions. Additionally, you should choose service providers who regularly assess security risks and uphold standards compliance.

Disaster recovery

Another important aspect to take into account when selecting a data centre service provider is disaster recovery. In case of an outage or calamity, you want to be sure that your data is safeguarded. In the event of an outage, providers with redundant systems or disaster recovery services can reduce downtime and data loss.


When it comes to data centre services, flexibility is crucial because your company’s needs may vary over time. You should pick a data centre service provider that can give tailored solutions to fit your particular needs. Providers that offer modular data centre designs can provide the flexibility necessary to adapt to your changing business needs.


When picking a data centre service pro­vider, customers are paying more and more attention to sustainability. Capita­Land is dedicated to minimising the negative effects of its data centre operations on the environment since it understands how important sustainability is. To lessen the overall carbon footprint of its data centres, it employs energy efficient measures such as use of renewable energy sources and effective cooling systems. Additionally, Capita­Land works to reduce waste and encourage resource management that is sustainable over the long haul. This helps the company’s data centre operations.

Overall, CapitaLand can play a critical role in ensuring that customers’ data centre services are future-proof. As one of the world’s leading providers of data centre services, CapitaLand has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating and managing data centres that are tailored to the changing requirements of companies. To ensure that their data processing and storage demands are addressed both now and in the future, customers can benefit from bespoke solutions that are suited to their unique requirements.

Furthermore, customers can feel se­cure knowing that their data is safe and can be swiftly recovered in case of an outage or disaster because of CapitaLand’s em­phasis on security and disaster recovery. As CapitaLand employs ways to lower the overall energy usage of its data centres, the company’s dedication to energy conservation can also result in cost savings for commercial customers.

Customers can benefit greatly from Ca­­pitaLand’s commitment to providing excellent customer service. A team of professionals is on hand 24×7 to offer support and guidance. Enterprise customers can future-proof their data centre services and make sure their data is safe, accessible and flexible enough to meet their changing business demands by selecting CapitaLand as their data centre service provider.