MediaTek has launched ‘dimensity 9000’ 5G smartphone chip for next-generation flagship smartphones. The first dimensity 9000 powered flagship smartphones is expected to be in the market in the first quarter of 2022. The dimensity 9000 is the world’s first smartphone built on the ultra-efficient TMSC N4 (4nm-class) production process.

Dimensity 9000 integrates the Armv9 CPU architecture for a true flagship experience. The octa-core CPU has one ultra cortex-X2 core operating at up to 3.05GHz, three performance A710 cores operating at up to 2.85GHz and four efficiency cortex-A510 cores.

With the integrated LPDDR5X supporting up to 7500Mbps, along with an 8MB L3 cache and 6MB system cache, the dimensity 9000 is built for the massive bandwidth demands of the mobile market.

Additionally, the chipset integrates MediaTek’s 5G application processor unit (APU 5.0), which offers four times power efficiency gains compared to the previous generation APU, for the ideal balance of performance and power efficiency for a wide range of AI multimedia, gaming, camera and video experiences.

To further boost performance, the chipset integrates MediaTek’s hyperengine 5.0, the 5G MediaTek’s innovative gaming technology. Hyperengine 5.0 uses AI-acceleration to optimize graphics while reducing the GPU load, resulting in faster gameplay that looks better and is more power-efficient than ever.

Key features of MediaTek dimensity 9000 include:

  • MediaTek Imagiq 790:- The chipset’s flagship 18-bit HDR-ISP. The world’s first to support 320MP on smartphones, and the world’s first to support simultaneous triple camera 18-bit HDR video recording. The powerful 9Gpixel/s ISP also supports 4K HDR Video + AI noise reduction that enables the highest quality results even in extreme low-light scenarios.
  • Leading 3GPP release-16 5G modem:- The integrated 5G modem amplifies sub-6GHz performance up to 7Gbps downlink using 3CC carrier aggregation (300MHz). It also features the world’s 1st R16 UL enhancement and continues MediaTek’s dual SIM leadership with new 5G/4G dual SIM dual active support. The modem also integrates the new MediaTek 5G ultrasave 2.0 power-saving enhancement suite for improved efficiency.
  • MediaTek miravision 790:- The chipset can support the latest 144Hz WQHD+ displays or super-fast 180Hz full high definition displays, while optimizing power efficiency with MediaTek’s intelligent display sync 2.0 technology. Furthermore, MediaTek’s latest Wi-Fi display technology can support up to 4K60 HDR10+ video.
  • Wi-Fi 6E, new GNSS with beidou III-B1C and new bluetooth 5.3:- Smartphone users can enjoy seamless connectivity thanks to the chipset’s support for the latest Wi-Fi, bluetooth and GNSS standards.
  • Dimensity 5G open resource architecture:- The dimensity 9000 allows the world’s leading smartphone device makers to create customized flagship 5G smartphones that stand out.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Yenchi Lee, deputy general manager, wireless communications, MediaTek, said, “The dimensity 9000 is a milestone for MediaTek, highlighting our rise to incredible with a true flagship 5G smartphone chip. This chip signals MediaTek and our dimensity family has entered a new phase of innovation. The dimensity 9000 is the most powerful and energy-efficient chip to date, delivering a number of industry first and a full suite of features for the most discerning tech enthusiasts.”