Lepton Software has announced a rich feature-packed version of SmartInventory, a NextGen Geospatial Inventory Management platform. SmartInventory V6 aids telecom and Internet service providers (TSPs and ISPs) model and manage their end-to-end networks, thereby transforming the way networks are planned and rolled out.

Keeping capex and opex under control has always been the two key challenges for Telecom Network Managers. Many TSPs are grappling with ineffective ways to manage and optimise their network rollouts, resulting in poor ROI and compromising on the best possible network experience for their customers. Ideally, for every deployment, the network operator should evaluate how this would affect the cost of future operation and maintenance processes, such as customer provisioning, network maintenance, and repair, and how easily the network could be extended and upgraded.

Lepton’s SmartInventory (SI) platform addresses all the aspects of Network Inventory Management by enabling providers to deliver high-speed connectivity, eliminate data silos and significantly reduce the customer churn rate, by efficiently rolling out and operating their fiber networks. The completely web-based platform allows customisation as per user requirements for planning and analysis. The system is purely web-based and offered in a SaaS model, removing dependency on the system hardware, and any additional software installation.

Commenting on the development, Kshemendra Chaturvedi, Head of Product, NetworkAccess, Lepton Software, said, “The SmartInventory V6 brings a host of features to manage the network, thereby gaining 100 per cent control over inventory. Right from supporting modeling Wireless Network Inventory, bringing physical and logical Fiber links together, an enhanced Network Ticketing module, a new Data Uploader, more powerful mobile app and much more. The updated features help in analysing, managing, maintaining and updating any changes in the network more effortlessly.”