Lenovo has announced the next generation of ThinkEdge remote automation and orchestration with the introduction of new software solutions to accelerate the deployment of edge solutions. Lenovo’s new Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) 2.6 software delivers secure automated setup, enabling customers to complete global edge deployments for any number of locations in a matter of minutes, with one-touch provisioning from a single device, such as a personal computer (PC), smart phone or tablet. New Lenovo XClarity edge-to-cloud management software also simplifies orchestration, maintenance and metering with one unified view into all Lenovo edge to cloud solutions.

Lenovo also introduced its highly adaptable ThinkEdge SE10, an optimised entry level client edge device that allows customers to capture analog and digital data, such as temperature and humidity at the outermost edge of their business. Together, the solutions will help businesses across a wide range of high-growth industries accelerate the global rollout of edge computing, generating faster insights and accelerating intelligent transformation.

Commenting on the launch, Sumir Bhatia, President, AP ,Lenovo ISG said, “Edge is everywhere today and it sets the next frontier in the digital transformation journey. Early adopters of edge computing in manufacturing, energy, and utilities verticals have been reaping the benefits such as faster decision making with real-time insights. We are seeing a rapid adoption of edge across verticals in Asia Pacific and businesses that are not keeping up with this trend risk falling behind in the digital transformation journey . At Lenovo, our focus is on delivering state-of-the-art edge computing solutions to help our customers remain at the forefront of their industry, no matter their location. This represents a significant step forward in data intelligence, bringing the capabilities of cloud computing to even the most remote corners of a network”.

 As the amount of worldwide data from sensors, cameras and other sources exponentially grows, next generation technologies that deliver data centre-like computing to the edge are helping companies overcome networking constraints. Reducing the lag that occurs from massive data transfer, customers are leveraging edge computing technologies to process data at the source of its creation, benefitting from faster actionable insights and enabling innovative services for end users. However, edge site locations are often unmanned and hard to reach. Combined with new scalable server and computing services, Lenovo’s full range of far edge to cloud solutions will enable businesses to deploy an entire network of edge devices that are spread all across the world at once, ushering in a pivotal evolution in data intelligence.

Meanwhile Amit Luthra, Managing Director, India, Lenovo ISG said, “Edge computing is becoming increasingly essential for companies to gain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven world. India is appearing to be one of the most promising markets in terms of usage of edge computing with a high of 97 per cent CIOs leveraging it or planning to use in their IT strategies, by introducing a new range of software solutions and devices, Lenovo is enabling businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. The Lenovo Open Cloud Automation software provides secure and automated setup, while the ThinkEdge SE10 device empowers customers to capture data at the outermost edge of their business. These innovations available as-a-service will help any business overcome networking constraints and realise the transformative power of edge in IT operations”.