Joy John, Director, Air and Sea freight, Jet Freight

In recent times, there has been a rapid uptake of new-age technologies by enterprises in the logistics sector. Companies are increasingly deploying technologies such as internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, which are set to disrupt the sector. These technologies are revolutionising the logistics sector  and are predicted to be the harbingers of growth as they will streamline supply chains, operations and warehouse management, leading to higher efficiency and productivity. Industry leaders share their views on the evolving technology landscape, the challenges faced in deploying new-age solutions and the future outlook for the sector…


How has technology transformed the Indian logistics sector? What are some of the key digital trends?

Like any other industry, technology is connecting all stakeholders in the supply chain, which is the current requirement for all shippers and consignees. Cloud functioning and digital transformation are the contemporary modern trends for globalisation and technology integration in the logistics industry.

How are the trends of supply chain, warehouse and transport management expected to shape up in the digital era?

We are seeing a phenomenal growth in investments in digitalisation and new technology by the logistics and transport industry. The pandemic had made the industry ad­apt to digitisation, which has ac­celerated the possibility of integration and this has benefited all end-users.

What are the key use cases of new-age technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics, blockchain and AR/VR in the logistics sector? How are you leveraging these solutions?

Jet Freight has developed an app, that will enable our customers to book their freight instantly at competitive prices. It is an innovative start and Jet Freight is committed to adding more interesting features, which will help resolve our shippers’ logistics needs.

What are some of the challenges encountered while deploying new-age solutions?

Volatile international fuel prices, advancement in tracking shipments and fre­quency disruption in the ocean trade have led to capacity and equipment challe­n­­ges. However, these challenges are being discussed within the industry and we are hopeful of a positive outcome, with the help of leading industry players.

What is the future of drone delivery in India? What are your views on Logistics 4.0?

Logistics 4.0 has shown great promise, be it drone operation or planning for global emission challenges. Jet Freight is focused on energising our way forward through mo­re investments in digitalisation, which will be customer-focused.