According to the latest data released by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Reliance Jio has installed almost 100,000 telecom towers to provide the fastest and deepest 5G telecom penetration. 

As per the report from DoT’s National EMF Portal, Jio has installed 99,897 base transceiver stations across two frequencies it owns (700 MHz and 3,500 MHz).  For every base station, Jio has three cell sites while Bharti Airtel has two.

Further, according to a recent report by Ookla, Jio’s top median speed is 506 MB per second. It also stated that 5G availability across 5G capable devices has steadily increased for Jio by 5.1 per cent. After Jio’s $25 billion investment, as on January 2023, Jio achieved median 5G download speeds above 400 Mbps considering Jio’s True 5G network is a standalone and does not rely on 4G LTE network.