Yashpal Soni, Chief Information Officer, Intex Technologies

For smooth integration of the various stages of the production value chain, manufacturing enterprises are adopting new IT solutions like industrial internet of things (IIoT) to extract information from the plant floor and along the supply chain, and turn it into actionable insights. Meanwhile, social media, mobile, cloud and analytics (SMAC) technologies are helping industries gain real-time insight into market trends and customer preferences. Going forward, the role of robotics, 3D printing and augmented reality in manufacturing operations is expected to increase significantly. Leading enterprises talk about the key IT trends in manufacturing and their own IT initiatives…

How have IT solutions helped manufacturing enterprises enhance business operations?

In the present competitive environment, processed data is the key to success as it helps stay ahead of the competition. While customer 1.0 demanded analytics on laptop and desktops, customer 2.0 is demanding the same on mobile devices or smartphones. This trend has definitely increa­sed the competency and productivity of the workforce across all sections of manufacturing operations.

What are the technology trends in the manufacturing space? How has been the adoption of new technologies like IoT, M2M and the cloud?

Manufacturing organisations today are collaborating and talking more about integrated business planning. With the adoption of IoT, they have started acknowledging the challenges that value-added service providers face in terms of data storage.

What are some of the IT initiatives taken by your organisation in the past few years? What are the company’s plans going forward?

Intex has witnessed inorganic growth over the past few years. To sustain this and take the organisation to the next level, a robust information management system is required. Integrated business planning supported by demand planning and supply chain management is the key to success and Intex is not an exception to this. We are currently working to achieve this, which will surely help us better connect with our customers.

“While customer 1.0 demanded analytics on laptops and desktops, customer 2.0 is demanding the same on mobile devices or smartphones.” Yashpal Son

What are the key challenges in the deployment of IT and telecom solutions?

The key challenge is to keep pace with the changing technology trends. Companies that can adapt quickly to new technologies will survive in the race while the others will be left behind or taken over by others.