Rakesh Goyal, CEO, Infinity Labs

Infinity Labs is a technology consulting and software solutions company. It has recently partnered with Palo Alto Networks to create an indigenous next-generation secure SD-WAN solution. Rakesh Goyal, chief executive officer, Infinity Labs, talks about the company’s focus areas and future plans…

Could you give us a brief background of the company, your vision and focus areas?

I come from a technology and networks background having worked with companies such as Cisco and Nortel for several years. In recent years, with virtualisation and several software products entering the market, I have observed a constant struggle in the market as software and networking roles have merged. There has been a lack of skill availability to deal with the changing dynamics. When we  decided to set up Infinity Labs, our mission was to focus on Automation and Network Orchestration.

Automation is the core focus area for us and we have a good understanding of our customers’ needs in that space. We have several prestigious  clients and  10+ clients are Fortune 100 clients. In India, we are working with  the top Service Providers while   with British Telecom in the UK and Saudi Telecom in the Middle East. We have also ventured into the network security space and have tied up with Palo Alto Networks as its global professional services partner.

That said, our broader vision has always been to make the transition from services to a technology company. For that we have been focusing on developing a next-generation product in India. With the world moving away from typical routers towards SD-WAN, this excited us. Plus, the underlying model for SD-WAN is based on automation, which is our core strength area. So, we have developed the most advanced  SD- WAN solution for our customers. Our product, INFInxt which has been recently launched in the market, is a pure-play SD-WAN solution and is completely made in India, for India and global customers.

The single-point solution comes packed with advanced features, including real- time streaming of WAN statistics, Application prioritisation and and fully integrated and service-chained next- generation firewall powered by Palo Alto Networks, offering the best-in-class security and advanced connectivity options to business.

What are your views on the adoption of SD- WAN in India?

If we look at global markets, North America has the largest market share of the SD-WAN market (45 per cent) and Europe has about 29 per cent. Adoption in the Asia-Pacific region has been comparatively slow, barring a few advanced countries such as Japan and Australia.

Talking of India, we are witnessing some strong  traction owing to several factors.

Home broadband speeds have enhanced significantly as fibre deployments have picked up pace. Network reliability has improved. Cloud adoption has increased notably. Security needs have gone up. The nature of applications to run on home routers has become complicated. In such a scenario, SD-WAN is the best solution as it gives a lot of flexibility and allows for cost optimisation. The Covid-19 situation has resulted in enterprises warming up to the idea of SD-WAN. Severalfinancial institutions and Enterprises   have come out with SD-WAN tenders in the recent past. As per industry reports, by 2022, 90 per cent of the existing router refreshes will be replaced by either vCPE or SD-WAN.

What is your go-to-market strategy?

We have a multi-client approach. Of course, we are tying up with service providers. We are already at advanced stages of testing with one of the largest service providers.

We are also looking at the government as a key client. This is because the government, under its Make in India initiative, is keen on investing in home-grown technology, hardware and software. Hence, we have already registered ourselves at the government e-marketplace, (GeM). We went through a stringent govt process  before we were approved for GEMs registrations. We have built a strong channel team and this registration helps our customers as well as our partners to be able to use our product and services.

What will be your key focus areas over the next two to three years?

SD-WAN is definitely a big bet for us. The government’s focus on Make in India and the promotion of locally developed products is a big encouragement. Currently, there are very limited local products available in India. We are  working on developing a indigenous Orchestrator. Our R&D team is also working on several other products, which we will be announcing over the next three to six months six to twelve months.