IndiQus Technologies has onboarded Jai Menon to its advisory board. Menon comes with a broad set of business management and technical expertise and would play an active strategic role in IndiQus’ product evolution and business growth.

Prior to this, Menon was associated with Bharti Enterprises as the Group CIO and held leadership positions across Asia and Africa. Further, he was working with Airtel, where he held the post of Director (Global Innovation), Joint President (Enterprise Business), Director (Customer Service), and CTIO (Africa).

In the past, Menon has also worked with IBM’s Watson Labs (US). Here he had served as the director in IBM’s Software Group. He then served as CTO of AT&T (BellSouth, US) and rose to corporate officer and executive vice president, managing growth businesses.

In totality, Menon has over three decades of global experience across the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. He has actively worked as a researcher and as a corporate leader. At present, Menon is mentoring a few companies across verticals like IoT, smart infrastructure, energy, and cloud.