As per the data submitted by the commerce ministry in Rajya Sabha, the quantity and value of feature phones and smartphones (including accessories) imported by India has declined significantly in the past three years.

India’s import reduced from 75.8 million units in 2016-17 to 27 million units in 2018-19, recording a decline of 64 per cent. The value of such imports was $1,616 million in 2018-19, recording a decline of almost 57 per cent since 2016-17.

According to India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA), the domestic demand for mobile phones for 2018-19 stood at around 290 million units.

This reduction in mobile imports has been attributed to- significant addition of manufacturing capacity in the sector in past four years; introduction of a phased manufacturing programme (PMP) for making mobile handsets and components in India, and allowance of 100 per cent FDI for manufacture in the sector.