Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, speaking at ‘AI Safety Summit 2023’ held in the UK, stated that India looks at artificial intelligence (AI) with a prism of openness, safety, trust and accountability. He emphasised that India sees AI as the next big opportunity. He further added that, despite the optimism surrounding technology, a new regime must be built on greater accountability for user harm and those who use the platform, whether it is caused by AI or the broader internet. By allowing innovation to outpace regulation, the risk of toxicity, misinformation, and weaponisation on the internet increases, which is not a path that the government wants to chart for AI.

The minister also added that countries should strive to make AI and the broader internet environment embody goodness, safety, and trust. Platforms underpinning this vision must be accountable and uphold the law.

Additionally, Chandrasekhar added that the Indian digital economy, innovation economy, and ecosystem are currently growing two and a half to three times faster than the non-digital part of the GDP. AI is a kinetic enabler of the already accelerating digital economy, innovation, growth, and governments. These discussions are expected to further delve into the safety risks associated with recent and next-generation frontier AI models, including their implications for biosecurity and cybersecurity.