At the fourth edition of India Mobile Congress (IMC), PM Narendra Modi, appreciated Indian telecom sector’s relentless innovation and effort that helped the country function smoothly during the pandemic. Be it in making healthcare more affordable and accessible to people, providing online education to the students or even in making essential services available to all in a hassle-free manner. He stated that ”Now, we need to work together to ensure timely roll-out of 5G network connectivity in order to leapfrog into the future and empower millions of Indians. We are also in fact embarking on a plan to ensure that over the next 3 years, every village have high speed fibre optic connectivity. India is emerging as one of the most preferred destination for mobile manufacturing. It is of paramount importance, considering the fact that, it is with the help of mobile technology that we will embark on one of the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination drive.”