Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati has announced the development of technology for designing of fast, secure and dependable integrated circuits (ICs) for faster and efficient computing. According to the research team, the research looks at all aspects of the automated electronics design process like synthesis, verification and security, and contributes towards strengthening the electronics manufacturing ecosystem in our country.

With increasing computational demands, there is a need for application-specific processors that can outperform current CPUs. The team asserts that while multi-core processors are being used in modern times, their computing power improvements continue to be insufficient.

The team emphasised on hardware acceleration specifications that are often written in high level languages like in C and C++ and are converted to hardware code (or register transfer level or register−transfer level (RTL code), in a process called high-level synthesis (HLS). However, due to the complex conversation process, HLS translation may introduce bugs in the design and, therefore, stringent validation steps are required. The RTL simulators are used to validate HLS, but these are slow and complex.