The India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has requested the government to allow online sale of mobile phones, laptops, computers and tablet PCs as well their repair and maintenance in essential services category in order to support work from home amid lockdown.

In its recent letter to the prime minister, ICEA said that the government has allowed internet connectivity in essential service categories which calls for maintenance and repair service of smartphones, laptops and tablets as there is tremendous pressure on these gadgets to carry out work from home.

To this end, ICEA has requested the government to allow service and maintenance outlets/warehouses for mobile phones, laptops, computers and tablets, and online sales of mobile phones, laptops, computers and tablets via e-commerce platforms that are allowed to deliver essential goods in the country.

ICEA said that the industry is supporting lockdown and hence, has not sought for opening of retail stores. However, it has requested to allow sale of mobile phones in tier 3 and 4 towns from service outlets.

Further, in its letter ICEA added that through mobile devices the government can also track citizens that are impacted by COVID-19. It helps the health authorities to better track the movement of the infected citizen. If their phones were to break down or if they were not to have a smartphone for whatever reason, they should have access to repair shops or stores to procure one.