The government of Tamil Nadu has appointed the managing director of Electronic Corporation of India (ELCOT) as the grievance redressal officer for telecom and Right of Way (RoW) issues. The role aims at addressing issues faced by telecom/internet service providers and grievances related to public installation and removal of mobile and telecom infrastructure.

The key role of the grievance redressal officer is to investigate all matters regarding the issue of RoW for telecom infrastructure both underground and overhead grievances, queries, modification/integration / increasing server speed for a single window of the RoW portal, merging popular payment gateways, combining with GatiShakti Sanchar portal of the Department of Telecommunications via application programming interface (API) and enabling 5G applications.. The officer will also work on issues regarding to the usage of Call Before-U-Dig mobile applications, single window clearance portal, telecom infrastructure and 5G rollouts.