The government has launched a COVID-19 risk-tracking application called ‘Corona Kavach.’ The app is jointly developed by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Corona Kavach uses a person’s location to assess whether they are in the high risk geographical zone or not. The app will track the data of users every one hour and alert them if they have crossed paths with person tested positive for the infection. Moreover, the users will also be alerted of the potential infection range.

Further, it can also track users’ breathing capacity and a survey form to keep a self check.

Corona Kavach uses colour codes to identify if the user has come in contact with a COVID-19 carrier or not. While one colour identifies a user who has never come in contact with an infected person, another will indicate if a user is in close proximity.

The app will make use of global positioning system (GPS) to track movement and the information of all the identified positive cases of coronavirus in the country so far. However, the app description suggests that the identity of a user will not be disclosed to anyone, including the government, the server or any third party client.

It is now available for download in beta version for Android phones on the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have also developed Corona Watch App for monitoring people under quarantine and inform their contacts about the same to check the spread of coronavirus. The central government and other state governments are also leveraging technology to control the pandemic.

The app will show locations of corona affected patients and their movement history of 14 days which can be used by the public to keep a check on their movement also. Further, users cannot delete or manipulate the app during the quarantine period as the state government will be monitoring it continuously. Further, the Tamil Nadu government has also developed the COVID-19 Quarantine Monitor Tamil Nadu app on similar lines.