Google Cloud has launched its Google Cloud Skills Boost platform for online learning, skills development, and certifications, managed and delivered directly by Google Cloud. Google Cloud Skills Boost will enable learning and professional development at an unprecedented scale.

Through the initiative, Google Cloud aims to train more than 40 million individuals in Google Cloud skills, as the pandemic has hastened digital transformation for organisations across different industries experiencing a skills shortage.

Google Cloud Skills Boost will provide access to more than 700 hands-on labs, role-based courses, skill badges, and certification resources, including 16 new learning paths, all of which are available on-demand globally. It features all of Google Cloud’s most in-demand training, including content like Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine, How Google Does Machine Learning, Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam, and more.

Currently, the content is available in English and Japanese, with support for more languages launching soon.

Users who sign up for Google Cloud Skills Boost before November 6, 2021 will get a free month of material, making it easier than ever to obtain a Google Cloud certification or learn a new skill.