Google Cloud and Data Security Council of India (DSCI) have joined forces to launch ‘Secure with Cloud’ initiative in a bid to help demystify cloud security, enable government and public sector to deploy and transform with the cloud and support India’s digital future. With this initiative, DSCI and Google Cloud aims to create a platform that will understand key drivers, challenges with cloud adoption and develop evidence-based deliberations and case studies to drive cloud adoption and derive actionable insights, along with improving collaboration between various stakeholders in the cloud ecosystem.

In addition, the leadership program also aims at addressing the challenges and engage with public sector entities across various verticals to demonstrate how cloud platforms and cloud-enabled products are architected and are secure by default and can be used effectively to secure operations. The initiative is supported by an advisory committee comprising of leaders across industries such as technology services, consulting, cloud service providers, e-commerce and digital payments, who would further guide and extend support towards meeting the goals.