The global roaming frauds losses are expected to surpass $8 billion by 2028, driven by the increase in bilateral roaming agreements for data intensive applications over 5G networks, says Juniper Research. The firm predicts fraudulent data traffic will account for 80 per cent of the global operator roaming-based losses by 2024.

With the telecom operators constantly shutting down 2G and 3G networks, they are also speeding the transition to 5G and voice over long-term evolution (VoLTE) roaming service in order to leverage the high levels of virtualisation and incur lower operational costs. However due to the highly virtualised nature of 5G networks, there has been an increase in the opportunities for fraudsters to deploy their attacks, leaving networks open to the emerging fraud tactics over 5G.

With the proliferation of 5G roaming agreements, Juniper Research estimates that the operators will deploy tools more sophisticated for detecting fraud. The amount of data generated by 5G would require new solutions that can detect fraudulent users and traffic over the new 5G networks.