Enea has announced the tailoring of its suite of security solutions to address the unique security needs of governments and national security agencies for mobile network signalling intelligence. Enea’s network security suite offers cloud-native intelligence-led signalling security solutions to provide comprehensive, multi-generational mobile network protection across all generations of mobile networks from 2G to 5G.

Signalling intelligence provides insight into malicious signalling traffic and anomalous traffic patterns between nodes in the network. This is vital for national security agencies, providing visibility of threats in the signalling landscape that they would typically not have access to. The intelligence allows for meaningful engagement and cooperation with network operators around specific attacks and attack types. Signalling intelligence is also vital for shaping regulations and international agency collaborations to ensure protection against increasingly international and constantly evolving attack methods.

Enea signalling intelligence for national security is the first industry solution to offer signalling intelligence directly to national security agencies to address their increasing need for visibility of the mobile threat landscape. It uses global data from multiple operator deployments – obfuscated and aggregated to protect user privacy – to process and filter large amounts of signalling data, identify cyber threats, and provide national security agencies with actionable intelligence. The intelligence is analysed and contextualised by Enea’s threat and security intelligence unit, giving agencies unrivaled, global, up-to-the-minute visibility of the evolving threat landscape, which can be used to guide operators and inform regulation.

Commenting on the launch, Patrick Donegan, principal analyst, HardenStance, said, “Even some of the most advanced government agencies have limited capabilities in identifying, interpreting and acting on cyber threats embedded in mobile network signalling traffic. In an age of markedly increased geopolitical tensions, it’s good to see a leader in mobile signalling security like Enea going beyond opportunistic engagements with government agencies to make these critical tools more usable and deliver them at scale.”

Meanwhile, John Hughes, senior vice president and head, network security business, Enea, said, “Malicious mobile cyber-attacks threaten our collective security and pose specific, targeted threats to nations and individuals. Vulnerabilities in mobile network infrastructure can have serious repercussions; destabilising economies, threatening critical infrastructure, and breaching privacy. Round-the-clock, global visibility of the latest threats is a tall order – that is what Enea provides and what national security agencies need.”

Assessing and acting on signalling intelligence requires deep and specific expertise in mobile network signalling security which many national security agencies lack. Enea’s signlaling security solutions for governments and security agencies simplify the critical task of network and data protection at scale and across multi-generational network standards, from 2G through to 5G.