As per a recent order released by Department of Telecommunications (DoT), telecom operators will now have to provide the location grid of the premises of bulk subscribers during physical verification for issuing new connections. To this end, DoT has mandated the telcos to conduct inspection of premises of bulk connection users every six month.

Further, telecom operators will have to provide a point of sale code through a portal to law enforcement agencies.

This move is aimed at ensuring that physical verification of the bulk connections is done by telecom companies.

Recently DoT had found gibberish entries in the consumer application form (CAF) submitted by telecom operators. Through this order, DoT has asked telecom operators to remove or correct these anomalies in existing CAFs collected through e-KYC and D-KYC processes.

The new rules mandate telcos to verify details of the company from the ministry of corporate affairs before activating the SIM cards.