In today’s rapidly evolving world, digital connectivity has emerged as an essential utility in the context of India, intricately woven into the fabric of our daily lives.  It has become the lifeblood of our communities, facilitating social interactions, transcending geographical boundaries, and propelling businesses into the digital age, particularly as the concept of remote work gains prominence in the Indian landscape.

Digital connectivity goes beyond the realm of simple convenience; it serves as a cornerstone of contemporary existence as we negotiate the complex web of this increasingly connected globe from an Indian perspective. We exchange ideas, seek knowledge, and plot a route for a more equitable and affluent future for India through it. In this story, we explore the history, present, and unquestionable influence of digital connectivity on the future of our Indian communities and sectors as we unravel the complex fabric of digital connectivity within the Indian setting.

Leading industry players enabling connectivity across geographies share their views on the digital connectivity landscape in India…

Praveen Cherian, Chief Executive Officer, STL Global Services

Digital connectivity has transformed the very fabric of our world, bridging geographical divides, empowering individuals, and catalysing unprecedented advancements. In an era where the exchange of information knows no bounds, digital connectivity has become the cornerstone of innovation, education, and economic growth. It has revolutionised the way we communicate, breaking down barriers and fostering global collaboration. But beyond the convenience it offers, digital connectivity is a powerful force for equality, enabling marginalised communities to access opportunities previously out of reach.

Despite recent improvements, internet coverage in rural India remains limited, with only 37 per cent of the population having access. This stark disparity underscores the urgent need for further progress in bridging the digital divide. The government’s involvement is pivotal in driving this transformation, and initiatives such as the BharatNet project, which aims to bring high-speed internet connectivity to rural areas, represent a significant step forward. We are deeply committed to the cause of connecting the unconnected, not only in India but across the globe, and we actively support initiatives that expand digital access in rural communities. Our dedication extends to crafting innovative solutions specifically tailored for rural deployments. Behind all our technology-driven capabilities and processes, our overarching purpose is clear: to transform billions of lives by connecting the world. We aspire to create an India that stands as a testament to the transformative power of connectivity, propelling digital empowerment, spurring economic growth, and fostering global connectivity. Our unwavering belief is that digital connectivity serves as the bedrock of progress, unlocking boundless potential for individuals, communities, and the nation as a whole.

Anil Nama, Chief Information Officer, CtrlS Datacenters

With the integration of digital technologies such as internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), innovation has further deepened our reliance on digital connectivity, opening new frontiers of possibility. Businesses are also actively embracing digital infrastructure as it ensures steady continuity.

Data centres constitute a vital component of the digital infrastructure and can be viewed as integral elements within the ecosystem of providers offering diverse digital services. These facilities serve as convergence points for network cables, where data undergoes processing and storage, ensuring uninterrupted accessibility. This continuous operation is essential for the seamless functioning of the digital economy around the clock. They maintain smooth connectivity and facilitate digital transformation in numerous sectors, such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and entertainment.

At CtrlS Datacenters, we are committed to bridging the digital gap by providing widespread internet connectivity to the most remote parts of the country. With the expansion of our data centre operations across the nation, we provide highly available, secure solutions that connect to digital business infrastructure and cloud ecosystems across the board.

Sathesh Murthy, Managing Director and Engineering Head, RingCentral India

In the heart of India’s digital transformation, connectivity is not just a service; it is the lifeline of our communities and the backbone of our thriving businesses. As we bridge geographical divides and empower remote work, we must recognise that digital connectivity is not a luxury but a fundamental right. It is a utility as essential as water and electricity, weaving itself into the very fabric of our daily lives. We, at RingCentral India, are committed to driving this evolution with our unified cloud-based communications solution, RingCentral MVP, ensuring that every citizen has access to the opportunities of the digital age. To truly thrive in this interconnected world, we must address the challenges of the digital divide and cybersecurity, fostering an inclusive and secure digital ecosystem. Together, we shape the future of our communities and industries, harnessing the power of connectivity to build a brighter and more connected India.