The ministry of defence has approved a proposal to procure GSAT-7C satellite and related equipment for the Indian Air Force (IAF) at a cost of Rs 22.36 billion.

The procurement proposal of the IAF was for the GSAT-7C satellite and ground hubs for software-defined radios (SDRs). This procurement is aimed at enhancing the communication network of the IAF.

The defence acquisition council (DAC) accorded acceptance of necessity (AoN) for one capital acquisition proposal of the IAF for its modernisation and operational needs under the category of ‘Make in India’.

The decision to clear the procurement was taken at a meeting of the DAC. The project envisages complete design, development and launching of satellite in India.

With the induction of GSAT-7C and SDRs, the armed forces can communicate beyond ‘line of sight’ in all circumstances.