Deepak Bisht, Director, Honeywell India Technology Centre

Deepak Bisht is director of the Honeywell India Technology Centre in Gurugram, India. Bisht joined Honeywell in 2002 as a senior process engineer, and has since handled different roles. He has been in the research and development role for the past 10 years, and enjoys developing new technologies. He started his career with EIL as a process engineer. Bisht has 26 years of industry experience. He is passionate about driving sustainable technologies, and has a keen interest in developing and commercialising new technologies.

For Bisht, the most fulfilling part of his current role is solving challenges and facing different levels of difficulty. Bisht highlights the importance of asking critical questions and identifying areas that require attention, whether in administrative or technical matters. “It is incredibly fulfilling to effectively solve these day-to-day problems. I thoroughly enjoy solving technical problems and learning about new things we are working on. Undou­btedly, there are a lot of challenges that come with it. However, these challenges are truly captivating and offer an opportunity to learn more about what we can achieve, not only for the organisation, but also for the country as a whole,” he says.

“Since 2004, we have been diligently working to reduce the impact of our greenhouse gas emissions. Internally, we have managed to decrease our greenhouse gas intensity by almost 90 per cent. We achieved this by implementing various energy-efficient technologies in our operations. However, 30 per cent more progress is needed to reach our target, and we are fully committed to achieving it. We are actively employing some of the technologies we have developed and other available solutions within our organisation to ensure internal sustainability.”

On his management style, he says, “I believe that in certain roles, particularly in my line of work, a single management style may not be sufficient. Being a development centre, we have to be transformational in nature. We need to be open to hearing new ideas, encourage innovation and give people the space to be creative. Collaborative leadership is vital, bringing people together and making them feel valued within the organisation.”

In his spare time, he prioritises morning walks and jogging. He also enjoys spending quality time with his children. On weekends, he plays badmin­ton for an hour.

Bisht has a BTech in Chem­ical Engineering from IIT Kha­rag­pur and is a Six Sigma green belt from Honeywell. He has been a contributor to eight gran­ted US patents.