DE-CIX India has exceeded the landmark of 500 connected networks across India, making it the fastest-growing Interconnection platform. DE-CIX India has 510 connected networks as of February 2022 – 407 in Mumbai, 64 in Delhi, 29 in Chennai, and 10 in Kolkata, and it is still growing strongly. DE-CIX Mumbai alone has a throughput of over one terabit per second.

By various interventions and collaborative team efforts, DE-CIX has connected more than 400 networks in the last 24 months, which is the fastest growth ever, anywhere in the world. The company’s statistics has traffic growth in the following sectors – OTT and VOD by 2314 per cent, gaming by 2015 per cent, CDN by 735 per cent, ISP by 690 per cent, social media by 681 per cent, and hosting by 285 per cent (report from February 2020 to January 2022). Even during the unfavourable circumstances of the pandemic DE-CIX India was able to launch DirectCLOUD services. The unique set of services by DE-CIX India provides internet exchange and cloud exchange through a single access port.

Commenting on the development, Sudhir Kunder, country director-India, DE-CIX India, said, “Gone are the days when a country’s steel consumption determined its growth. It has been data and internet consumption for quite some time now. The internet is not simply sustaining existing technology; it is giving birth to new innovations. The more networks connect directly, the lower the latency, the better the resilience, and the better the performance of digital platforms and applications—creating more room for innovation. This expansion and success reflect the innovative nation that we are, and it is not going to stop anytime soon. DE-CIX’s role in interconnecting networks is helping to accelerate the country’s Internet growth and, ultimately, the global success of India’s digital economy.”

DE-CIX India, powered by DE-CIX—the world’s leading internet exchange operator, with 32 locations spanning the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and India—came into existence in 2019. In a short time, DE-CIX has established internet exchanges in 4 major cities in India, connecting more than 500 networks of internet service providers (ISPs), cloud service providers (CSPs), CDNs, OTT platforms, SMBs, SMEs, and enterprises to select from a wide range of its customers.

DE-CIX India has become the preferred IX operator in the country due to the high quality of its interconnection services and the ease of connecting. It is possible to access its multi-service platform via a single access port, and services can be booked, cancelled, and scaled flexibly via the automated self-service portal, saving both time and money and making it easy to connect to and exchange data with relevant networks. The premium enterprise-grade interconnection services offered by DE-CIX optimise connectivity by improving performance, increasing security, reducing complexity, and simplifying compliance procedures. Powered by the world leader, it provides the best connectivity with high resilience, unique bandwidth plans, access to DE-CIX cloud exchange, and the opportunity to leverage pioneering interconnection services.