DE-CIX India has announced the appointment of Sudhir Kunder as the chief business officer (CBO), effective August 7, 2023. This strategic move underscores Kunder’s exceptional journey within the organisation over the past four years, marked by visionary leadership and transformative contributions that have propelled DE-CIX India’s growth and industry prominence.

Commenting on the development, Sudhir Kunder, CBO, DE-CIX India said, “It is a privilege to take on the role of chief business officer at DE-CIX India. As we step into a new phase, I am enthusiastic about leading our exceptional team towards further innovation and success. With a deep understanding of the dynamic telecommunications landscape, I look forward to shaping our future endeavours and reinforcing our industry leadership.”

Kunder’s ascent within DE-CIX India has been nothing short of remarkable. Joining the team four years ago, he swiftly ascended the ranks, displaying unwavering commitment, innovative prowess, and an unparalleled grasp of the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape. Commencing as senior vice president (SVP), his swift rise saw him earn a promotion to country director within just 16 months.

At the heart of Sudhir’s success lies his pivotal role in driving expansion, amplifying the company’s footprint, and achieving exponential growth across all vital business metrics. Notably, DE-CIX Mumbai has proudly secured its position as the preeminent Asia Pacific interconnection platform, outpacing 153 internet exchange (IXs) across 29 countries. His adeptness in navigating challenges, capitalising on emerging opportunities, and leading diverse teams has culminated in his well-deserved promotion to CBO.

In his new capacity, Kunder will leverage his extensive experience and profound industry insights to spearhead DE-CIX India’s strategic pursuits, cultivate pivotal collaborations, and champion a culture of innovation across the organisation. His exceptional foresight in anticipating market trends and leveraging them for growth uniquely positions him to steer DE-CIX India into an era of unprecedented success.

Kunder’s journey from SVP to CBO stands as a testament to DE-CIX India’s steadfast commitment to recognising and nurturing internal talent. This milestone reaffirms the organisation’s dedication to furnishing opportunities for advancement and cultivating an environment wherein capable individuals truly flourish.

Under Kunder’s visionary stewardship, DE-CIX India is poised to set new industry benchmarks and fortify its standing as an industry trailblazer, driving innovation, and excellence across the interconnected landscape.