Coslight India has introduced a telecom energy storage unit (TESU) with LVCS technology. The storage unit is suitable to meet the back up requirements of telecom sites under unpredictable grid power conditions such as intermittent or long grid outages. It is designed with an autonomy of 12 to 16 hours, depending on the load and grid conditions.

Coslight-TESU offers a wide load band, which can be further extended by adding additional lithium-ion (Li-ion) modules. It is available in two capacity variants – one with a rating of 25 kWh energy to offer autonomy of more than 12 hours for a site with a load of less than 2 kW and another with a rating of 40 kWh energy that offers autonomy of more than 12 hours for a load of more than 2 kW. The system is designed to meet a maximum load of up to 6 kWh. Thus, there is no need for site infra upgradation due to an increase in tenancy/load upgradation.

The product design supports modularity and scalability, and has a small footprint of 1 mx1 m for the 40 kWh solution. It can make a telecom site, wherein grid power is available for more than eight hours, DG-free.

The capex requirement of the TESU is less than that of DGs, outdoor cabinet and conventional battery-enabled solutions. Moreover, the product has a life cycle of four years. It is designed to utilise the cyclic capability of Li-ion batteries. In an intermittent grid supply scenario, this is achieved by using a maximum of one cycle from valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries and up to three cycles from Li-ion batteries on an average per day.