According to the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), the number of commercially available 5G devices has witnessed a seamless growth, and stand at 112 as of end May 2020.

The number of announced 5G devices have increased from 200 in January 2020 to 296 in May 2020. Additionally, by end May 2020, GSA had identified 16 announced form factors and 84 vendors that had announced available or forthcoming 5G devices.

Further, the 296 announced devices, include 119 smartphones, 84 CPE devices, 47 modules, 20 hotspots, 5 laptops (notebooks) and 21 other devices (including drones, head mounted displays, robots, snap-on dongles/adapters, a switch, tablets, TVs, USB terminals/dongles/modems and a vending machine).

On the spectrum band support of 5G devices, GSA has identified spectrum support information for over 78 per cent of all announced devices. Further, 72 per cent of all announced 5G devices are identified as supporting sub-6 GHz spectrum bands while 28.4 per cent are understood to support mmWave spectrum. Meanwhile, 22 per cent of all announced devices are known to support both mmWave and sub-6 GHz spectrum bands.

The bands known to be most supported by all announced 5G devices are n78, n41, n79 and n77. In May 2020, the number of announced devices known to support band n41 passed the 100 mark for the first time, reaching 102 devices; the number of announced devices supporting band n78 had reached 118.