The Urban Development and Housing Department of Rajasthan has issued an order stating if a developer develops a township or colony on less than one hectare of land, in the future, then it is necessary to reserve land for the mobile tower.

There is currently no space reserve for mobile towers in any colony or township in Rajasthan. This progressive decision was made in the interest of customers, who will get better experience & it was much needed for the settlement colony of both government and the private/township developers.

Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), the representative body for the Indian telecommunications industry, lauded the decision taken by the Urban Development & Housing Department, Rajasthan in regards to mobile tower installation. As per the orders issued by the Urban Development Department, Rajasthan, in the future,

Commenting on the development, Lt. Gen. Dr SP Kochhar, Director General, COAI, said, “We appreciate and thank the State Government of Rajasthan and Urban Development & Housing Department, Rajasthan for supporting the decision regarding the installation of mobile towers in the country. The decision announced is an indication of the state’s intent for the much-needed infrastructural boost which will be rewarded to the telecommunication sector. This is expected to further accelerate the journey towards digitally connected India and the Government’s vision to provide benefit to individual consumers of the country. The service providers will be working closely with the state for the infrastructural enhancement of the state and create a digitally connected ecosystem”.

The Telecom industry has emerged as a saviour for many during the pandemic. With telecom reforms, this announcement will become the base for digital connectivity in the state and will go a long way in building a robust infrastructure. Today, as the country creates pathways for 5G and the following digital revolution, it is important to understand that seamless connectivity is the roadmap to our vision of ‘Digital India.’

Rajasthan has 65.59 million subscribers with a teledensity of 83.08 per cent. Rajasthan has approx. 35,702 telecom towers and approx. 1,31,000 KM cumulative optical fibre cable. To make Rajasthan Digitally advanced under the ‘National Broadband Mission’ of India, Rajasthan will need to have approx. 68,590 telecom towers and four times more telecom optical fibre cable by December 2024.

Ever since the introduction of the 4G network in the country, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of mobile subscribers. Lakhs of mobile towers were installed for 4G networks across the country, which is still continuing.