The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) handled 1,391,457 cyber security incidents in 2022. According to CERT-In’s 2022 annual report, 653 security alerts, 38 advisories and 488 vulnerability notes were published during the year. The report also showed an increase in phishing attacks, malware attacks and vulnerable services.

Meanwhile, out of the 1.39 million cyber-security incidents handled by CERT-In in 2022, vulnerable services accounted for 875,892 cases. Unauthorised network scanning/probing constituted the second most prevalent category of incidents, with 324,620 cases recorded in 2022. Other cyber-security incidents documented by CERT-In included virus/malicious code (161,757 cases), website defacements (19,793 cases), website intrusion and malware propagation (2,164 cases), phishing (1,714 cases), and other unclassified incidents (5,517 cases).

Further, CERT-In also dealt with 19,793 incidents of website defacements, of which 15,702 cases belonged to website domains belonging to the ‘.in’ domain, 3,582 to the ‘.com’ domain, 194 to the ‘.org’ domain and 315 to other domains. However, compared to 2021, the annual report recorded a small decline in the number of cyber security incidents handled.