Bharti Airtel has postponed the release of its audited results for the quarter ended (QE) September 2019 to November 14, 2019 to get more clarity on the implications of the Supreme Court (SC) order on adjusted gross revenue (AGR).

However, Airtel has released its unaudited operational highlights for the QE September 2019 as reviewed by the company’s board.

The telco has reported a 7.4 per cent growth (year-on-year basis) and 0.8 per cent (quarter-on-quarter basis) in its Indian mobile services revenue, which stood at Rs 108.12 billion. Airtel’s average data usage and average revenue per user (ARPU) stood at 11.7 GB and Rs 120, respectively.

The company has added 2.6 million users in the QE September 2019 with monthly percentage of users leaving its network dropping to 2.1 per cent from 2.6 per cent in the previous quarter. While average data usage per customer has increased by 10 per cent  (quarter-on-quarter basis) and over 42 per cent (year-on-year basis) to 13.13 GB, while voice usage per customer fell 4.5 per cent on a quarterly basis, but rose 24 per cent on yearly basis.

However, the telco has not released its profit and loss statement and balance sheet and has confirmed to release it on November 14, 2019.